by Lane Rebelo, LCSW

Holidays and special occasions are a great time to introduce new vocabulary to your little one. Today we’re learning baby sign language for  SNOW and other fun winter signs in baby sign language (using American Sign Language).

Baby Sign Language for Winter

Today I’m sharing with you my favorite winter signs AND one of my favorite winter-themed board books that is great for teaching baby sign language to your little one. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it with your baby!

Each new season brings an opportunity to share the wonders of nature with your baby. Winter can be challenging if you’re feeling cooped up inside with your little one, but if it’s too cold to play outside or go for a walk, you can always bring a little bit of nature in for your baby to explore.

Activity Ideas

Too cold to play outside? Bring a little bit of winter inside! Fill a plastic shoebox with some snow to explore in the bathtub – just be sure those baby toes and fingers don’t get too cold. Or pick out some winter-themed books to read. You can also use some of these ideas to keep your baby busy & active indoors

In this video I’ll show you some fun winter signs and a story you can share with your baby…


In this mini-lesson you’ll learn how to sign COLD, WINTER, SNOW, SNOWMAN, SNOWBALL, HAT, SHOES & BOOTS.

You’ll also learn how to sign the board book “Welcome Winter.” It looks like this cute board book is only available used on Amazon, but you can find it for a very reasonable price if you’d like to add it to your collection.

welcome winter

Learn more seasonal and holiday signs!

Tell me in the comments: What winter sign are you most interested in teaching your little one?

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