It’s Autumn and Halloween is just around the corner!

There’s nothing I love more than babies in costumes. Each year I invite parents in my classes to bring their little ones in costumes and it’s always the cutest thing ever!

Baby Sign Language for Autumn

Holidays and seasons bring lots of opportunities to teach your baby new signs as babies are naturally curious about the different decorations they see all around them. In the photo above, one of my adorable Tiny Signs students (seriously, how stinkin’ cute is he!?) is signing “ball!” excitedly on a visit to the local pumpkin patch, letting his mom & dad know that he thinks all the pumpkins look like balls. So clever!

In today’s post I’m sharing my favorite signs for fall and Halloween – I hope you enjoy!

In this mini-lesson you’ll learn how to sign PUMPKIN, TREE, RAIN, COLD, COSTUME, HALLOWEEN & CANDY.

So what is your little one going to be for Halloween? Share with me in the comments below – or better yet, share a picture with me on the Tiny Signs Facebook page.

Can’t wait to see!

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Baby Sign Language for Fall