Printable baby sign language charts are the perfect tool to help you succeed!

One of the biggest challenges when teaching your baby sign language, is remembering how to do the signs you’ve learned.

That’s why I created these beautiful printable baby sign language charts as a visual reminder to use signs throughout the day, and as a helpful reminder of how to do the signs.

These printable charts are American Sign Language (ASL) and organized by theme. They are delivered via email as a digital download upon purchase. These charts are made to be used as YOU decide to use them! You can…

  • Print them in color or black & white
  • View them on your iPad or other tablet
  • Put them in a beautiful frame
  • Slip them in a plastic page protector
  • Fold them up and put it in your pocket or diaper bag
  • Print copies for grandparents and babysitters

All of the signs on the charts are also available in the Tiny Signs Video Dictionary (you’ll receive a link to the video dictionary upon purchase), so you’ll feel 100% confident you’re doing them correctly!

Signing Through the Day Package includes:

  • Mealtime signs (2 pages)
  • Bath time signs
  • Bedtime signs
  • Clothing signs

Only $5.99

Time to Play Package includes:

  • Playtime signs
  • Nature signs(2 pages)
  • Vehicle signs

Only $4.99

Fun with Animals Package includes:

  • Animal signs
  • Farm animal signs
  • Zoo animal signs

Only $3.99

Deluxe Bundle includes:

  • Signing Through the Day Package
  • Time to Play Package
  • Fun with Animals Package

BEST VALUE! Just $9.99

“I love the printable signing charts! There are lots of signs and they are easily divided into categories which makes a great reference point. I plan to print them and laminate them myself.”
- Jennifer Smock

“Absolutely loving the printable signing charts. I’ve stuck them up around the house so we can add to our signing vocab once my baby starts signing with me! They are super cute graphics and really easy to understand.”

- Victoria Tamvakellis

“These charts are great for beginners and those who need a refresher. I’m using them with my toddler as a refresher and these will also make it so much easier to teach my new baby who is currently 3 months! Great tool! Thank you for creating something so easy for me to refer to as I have mommy brain.”
- Michelle Henrikson

“I love that the pictures are grouped by themes. It makes it easier to pick a new sign and to refer back to it.”
- Ashley McKay

“I love that all of the signs are in one place by theme. These are really a great tool for families who are starting to sign with their kids and want to have something to use as a quick reference all in one place. We’re going to print & laminate them and also add them to one of our tablets to use electronically too.”
- Beth Feinberg Keenan

“I love the new signing charts! All of the printables are easy to read and easy to follow. I really like that I can print out each page and post it where it’s easiest to reference, like on the fridge or the bathroom mirror. My little guy is just starting to pick up signs and I can’t wait to introduce more!”
- Megan Gillespie

“As a busy mom of two, some days it’s difficult to remember to cook dinner, let alone all the signs that I want to teach my baby. Having the printable signing charts is extremely useful because I can now post them around the house as constant reminders to sign to my baby. For example, I posted one near the dining table so I remember to sign to my baby the different food items I put in front of her as well as “more” and “all done.” I love these charts because they give such a great descriptions next to each picture and I can follow the images easily on how to sign. My baby just started signing recently and I can’t wait to use these charts to teach her more!”
- Betty Boiron

“These printable signing charts are the best.  My baby picks up signs faster than I can look up signs, so having these charts, grouped by category, is super helpful. Plus, my parents are constantly asking me what he’s saying since they don’t know signs, so I can give a copy to them, as well! With these charts, I know Lane has made sure each word has the correct ASL sign so I’m not teaching my baby (and myself!) something wrong. Thanks Lane, for helping me communicate with my baby!”
- Bethany Mullen

I created these beautiful printable charts for my students as a visual reminder to use signs throughout the day, and as a helpful reminder of how to do the signs. Now you can use them too! Print & post them around the house or view them on your ipad. Share them grandparents and other caregivers!