Learn how to sign APPLE, BANANA and more!

Whether your baby is starting with purees, or diving right in to some delicious fingers foods, fruit is probably on the menu.

If you’re just starting out, you don’t need to learn the sign for every single food your baby eats – in fact, simply signing EAT or FRUIT is a great place to start.

But as your baby begins to show preferences for certain foods, or even develops a clear favorite, you’ll want to teach your baby the sign for that special treat.

Sweet, juicy fruits are popular faves for babies, so watch through the below video and see if there are any your little one might want to learn. That way they can let you know what they want!


Instructions for 10 ASL Signs for Fruits

Use the below instructions to help you remember how to do 10 ASL Signs for Fruits or scroll down to download a beautiful color printable guide to print and keep as a helpful reference.

Apple – Twist the knuckle of your pointer finger on your cheek.

Banana – Use your pointer & thumb to “peel” the pointer finger of your opposite hand.

Pear – Touch your fingers & thumb of your non-dominant hand together to make the shape of a pear. Drag the fingers of your dominant hand over to show the shape.

Strawberry – Place the fingers & thumb of your dominant hand on the tip of your opposite pointer finger and twist like you are picking a berry.

Blueberry -Place the fingers & thumb of your dominant hand on the tip of your opposite pinky finger and twist like you are picking a berry.

Melon – “Flick” the top of your opposite fist as if you are thumping a melon to see if it’s ripe. 

Watermelon – Sign WATER by tapping your “W” handshape at your chin, then sign MELON (see above).

Pineapple – Make a circle with your pointer & thumb and place it over your eye.

Coconut – Curve the fingers of both of your hands like you are holding a coconut, then shake it next to your ear like your are listening to see if it’s ripe.

Orange – Open & close your fist under your chin like you are squeezing an orange.

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Plan to enjoy the season!

So now you know 10 new ASL signs that you can use as you enjoy the fruits of the season. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and get out and support your local farmer’s market too. :)

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PS And don’t forget to download your free printable of fruit signs below…

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