Welcome to the Video Dictionary!

I’m so glad you’re here! This video dictionary is a resource for members of the Tiny Signs community. You can bookmark it and use it as a reference whenever you want to look up a new sign. There are more than 100 videos in the dictionary, but you don’t have to learn them all! These are just my favorites for communicating with little ones and will provide an excellent foundation for you to get started. Just use the menu above to navigate to a letter and scroll down to find the sign you are looking for.

A Special Gift for You!

To thank you for joining my online community, I’ve just emailed this beautiful printable checklist with some of my favorite signs to start with. Check your inbox for the link to download and print it out. I hope it will help you get started and motivate you to keep learning!

Once again, welcome! I hope you’ll be in touch to let me know how things are going and how I can help.

All the best,


“I was amazed at how much I learned.  Lane’s a fantastic teacher and motivator, and her knowledge of the subject matter clearly comes through – I was completely blown away!”

– Leslie Pierson

“I’m so glad I learned about this now! Lane’s warm, positive and knowledgeable style made Tiny Signs the right choice! My baby is communicating more and more, and signing helps us read each other better, reduce frustration and explore the world!”

– Leah Marcus