Bath time is a great time to sign!

If your baby enjoys the bath, it can be a perfect time to introduce a new sign or two and have some fun.  You and your baby are up close & personal and neither of you are going anywhere…am I right? :)

Now, if bath time isn’t your baby’s favorite – or even worse, if your baby hates the bath – definitely skip using this as a time to introduce new signs to your baby. Focus on your mission to get that sweet thing cleaned up and out of the tub as fast as you can!

But if your baby loves the bath, there are LOTS of fun signs you can teach your baby during bath time, and in this video I’ll show you my favorites.

Baby Sign Language Bath Time

In today’s video you’ll learn how to sign BATH, WATER, HOT, COLD, WASH-HAIR, SOAP, CLEAN, BRUSH-TEETH, BUBBLES, DUCK, BOAT and ALL DONE.

 Bath Time Signs 

Bonus: Free Printable!

I’ve also created a FREE printable guide that you can keep as a reference to help you remember how to do  a few of these signs.

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