Hush Little Baby :: Baby Sign Language at Bedtime

Whether you have a simple or lengthy bedtime routine, chances are you do the same things every evening as you get your baby ready for bed. Using baby sign language by adding a sign or two into your routine is an easy way to guarantee your baby is exposed to the same signs consistently and will increase the likelihood they’ll sign back sooner.

Think of how great it would if your baby could sign “bed” when they were feeling tired, instead of crying. I’ve seen it happen – and it’s a beautiful sight! :)

In today’s free baby sign language mini-lesson I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite American Sign Language signs that you can use at bedtime (or nap time!). Pick a sign or two that you think will appeal to your baby the most, or that will best fit into your existing routine.

Enjoy learning some sign language that you can incorporate into your bedtime routine…

In today’s video you’ll learn how the American Sign Language (ASL) signs for BED, SLEEP, BATH, BRUSH TEETH, MOON, STARS, MILK, PACIFIER, BOOK, LIGHT and I LOVE YOU.

Bedtime Signs

Bonus! Free Printable…

I’ve also created a FREE printable guide that you can keep as a reference to help you remember how to do many of these signs.

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Baby Sign Language at Bedtime