Tiny Signs Online

build a lifelong connection with your baby through early communication

Being a new mom can be overwhelming!

There are so many new things to learn, so many decisions to make…and you probably have pretty high expectations of yourself to be the best mom you can be.

It can be frustrating when your baby fusses and you’re not sure what he wants.

Is he hungry? cold? bored? frustrated?

You use trial & error to figure it out…but wouldn’t it be nice if your baby could just tell you!

You’ve heard using sign language can really help, but taking care of a baby is already a lot of work and you can’t imagine adding one more thing to your already busy (and sleep deprived) days.

But what if there was a way to learn that made your life easier and more fun?

Tiny Signs Online makes signing with your baby easy & FUN!


You’re already a great mom, but would you like to feel more confident that you’re providing your baby with exactly what she needs?

You’ll be able to…


Experience a deeper closeness & bond with your baby


Create memories now that will last a lifetime


Peek inside your baby’s mind and actually see what he’s thinking


Have more fun & enjoyment in your new role as a parent


Would you like an easy to follow, step-by-step program that provides everything you need to make this possible?

“I think a lot of parents like the idea of baby sign language and want to try it, but they have no clue how to get started. This is the way!”

– Claire Goss

“Taking Tiny Signs with Lane was one of the best decisions we made as new parents.  Signing has truly given us the gift of communication with our daughter that we will continue to use for a very long time.”

– Erin Hardy


In just a few weeks you’ll learn how to…


Pick the right signs to start signing with YOUR baby


Recognize your baby’s earliest attempts at signing


Capture your baby’s attention by making signing fun and engaging


Incorporate sign language into your everyday routines


Engage with your baby in a way that encourages language development


Feel confident using American Sign Language


Avoid common mistakes

Everything you need to know to teach your baby sign language is in Tiny Signs Online…


Tiny Signs Online is a 6-week program, however you can go at your own pace, watching the videos at your convenience and as many times as you like. You can take the classes when and where you want to – even in your PJs during a sleepless night with baby. In the members-only website you’ll have access to ALL the course content in one location, including:

Tiny Signs Online Baby Sign Language program
You’ll have lifetime access to the Tiny Signs Online members only online classroom, filled with video instructions, downloadable guides, and recordings of live Q&A calls.  You can join future sessions of Tiny Signs Online at no additional cost.
Each week of the live session you’ll be notified when new video lessons are available to view. These short video lessons (under 15 minutes) are designed for busy parents by teaching weekly concepts in easily digestible chunks. You can watch them on your schedule and as many times as you need.
In addition to videos, you get beautiful weekly lesson guides with the course content via PDF downloads so you can quickly find the tip you’re looking for.
A beautifully illustrated, printable dictionary with more than 100 American Sign Language signs for easy reference.
A video demonstration of how to sign more than 100 American Sign Language signs.
Have a question? Need some support or advice? Our private Facebook group is here for you! You’ll have access to me directly through the group – I’m in there regularly answering questions and sharing new videos. You’ll also find a friendly & supportive group of parents sharing their own experiences and supporting you along the way. You’ll join a small group for the Winter 2017 session, and once you “graduate” from the program, you’ll be invited to join the Tiny Signs Online Alumni group, which has hundreds of additional videos!
This Printable Activity Guide provides playful activities you can use to teach your baby signs and includes illustrations and directions for all relevant signs.
Printable Song Guide will provide lyrics and signs for your favorite nursery rhymes and tunes.
This Printable Reading Guide will provide suggested vocabulary and sign illustrations to accompany your favorite classic board books.

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“I was amazed at how much I learned.   Lane has combined her knowledge of ASL with her expertise in child development to craft a program that is so SMART and full of expert tips, I was having “eureka” moments in nearly every lesson.  Lane’s a fantastic teacher and motivator, and her knowledge of the subject matter clearly comes through – I was completely blown away!”

– Leslie Pierson

“I’m so glad I learned about this now! Lane’s warm, positive and knowledgeable style made Tiny Signs the right choice! Then the “go at your own pace” format and the fact that I’d have the resources forever were music to a busy mama’s ears. It also warns against common mistakes other programs make, is grounded in solid foundations, and is so low-pressure and inviting. Thank you Lane, for being so enthusiastic, skilled, playful, and available.

My baby is communicating more and more, and signing helps us read each other better, reduce frustration and explore the world!”

– Leah Marcus

Tiny Signs Online Comes With A Money-Back Guarantee!

Your learning and satisfaction with the course is my top priority. I have put my heart into creating this for you and I want you to love it!

If you join Tiny Signs Online and actively participate in the course (watch the videos, read the lessons, etc) and ultimately decide it’s just not for you, I will offer a full refund within the first 2 weeks of the program.

“Tiny Signs Online was a great choice for someone like me who is a working mom and who lives in a rural area without easy access to this kind of course in person. I appreciated the ease with which I could watch videos and the fact that there was a Facebook group available in case I had a question. As a teacher myself, I appreciate Lane for being an easygoing yet knowledgeable resource.”

– Denise Landrum-Geyer

“I really appreciated the personalized attention in the Facebook group. It took away the “online”-ness and really made it feel like as a group we were taking a course together and learning from each other. Learning from Lane is an awesome experience. Tiny Signs Online gave me a clear plan for starting to sign with my baby.”

– Nina Sweet

Lane Rebelo, LCSW
Tiny Signs Founder

headshot-for-leadpagesWhen I first became a mom 11 years ago, I was curious about baby sign language and I decided to give it a try. I borrowed a book from the library and muddled my way through. I made more than a few mistakes, but through trial and error I slowly found my way. My daughter eventually signed back to me and I was hooked!

I became fascinated with baby sign language and was eager to learn everything I could about it. I began an extensive process of applying my knowledge of child development as a clinical social worker and learning all I could about American Sign Language. I immersed myself in this growing field of early infant communication, studying with researchers and other experts.

The result of that effort? Eight years ago I created Tiny Signs. I began sharing my knowledge and techniques with parents and early childhood professionals throughout the Boston area with my classes and workshops.  Over the years I created and refined my own proven system for teaching baby sign language – a step-by-step process that is both thorough AND easy to follow – and it gets results!

Tiny Signs Online is not just an online dictionary. It’s my virtual classroom where parents like you can learn my award-winning program and put it into action. Get all of my expert tips & tricks, along with everything you’ll need to have a fun & rewarding experience communicating with your baby.

I know there are plenty of books, DVDs and websites out there that give you pieces of the baby signing puzzle. The trouble is they leave out key strategies that can literally make or break your signing experience. I hear from so many parents that tried signing and gave up. It breaks my heart every time! I truly believe if they had used the Tiny Signs approach, their story would have a very different ending!

I want to help you have an amazing experience communication with your baby. I’d like to invite you to join Tiny Signs Online. Join our supportive online community where I will personally guide you through your baby sign language experience.

I can’t wait to see you inside the program!


“I appreciated the tips on how to engage baby when teaching them signs and how to make it fun for them. I found Tiny Signs Online easy to follow and Lane was always readily available. Tiny Signs Online has given me tools to use when signing with my daughter.”

– Melissa Parizeau

“Tiny Signs Online gave me the tools to start communicating with my daughter. It also gave me additional confidence by showing common pitfalls and reassurance along the way.I love Lane’s responsiveness to questions by providing helpful video answers. You can tell that Lane cares about each student.

– Lauren Backman Locke

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just learn a few signs on my own?
There are plenty of books, DVDs and websites out there that give you pieces of the baby-signing puzzle. The trouble is they leave out key strategies that can literally make or break your signing experience. I hear from so many parents that tried signing and gave up. It makes me crazy! I truly believe if they had used the Tiny Signs approach, their story would have a very different ending.
Is this class for me or for my baby?
This class is for moms, dads, grandparents or other caregivers to learn how to teach their little one sign language. Your baby does not need to participate. YOU are your baby’s best teacher and this course will give you everything you need to move forward with confidence in teaching your baby sign language.
How does this online class thing work?
All of the content for the class (videos, PDFs, live call recordings…) is housed on a password protected class website. You’ll get access to the first week’s materials immediately upon registration, and new lessons each following week for 6 weeks. In addition, you can count on support and guidance from me personally via Facebook, email and live Q&As.
What if things get busy and I can’t keep up with the lessons?
I know as a busy mom myself, sometimes things come up. That’s why Tiny Signs Online is delivered in manageable pieces to make it easy for you to follow and keep up. All of the videos are under 15 minutes long and are viewable from your phone or tablet. Printable versions of the lessons are also included if you prefer to read than watch. Plus, you have access to the material forever, so if life gets busy, you can always come back to later when you have more time.
Is my baby too young?
It’s never too early to start learning and if your baby is newborn (or under 6 months), you will be in great shape if you get started learning now and make signing a habit. And since you will have ongoing access to the material, you can always come back and refer to it when your baby is a little older too.
Is my baby too old?
Even if your baby is already signing a little, you’ll still find tons of useful information in the course, including how to sign along to books, songs and other activities you can use to make signing fun for your busy toddler.
How much attention and support will I get from you during this class?
Supporting you and answering your questions as they come up is my top priority! I make myself available in our private Facebook group as well as during live Q&A calls throughout the course, so you will definitely get your specific questions addressed. Previous students of Tiny Signs Online have said this personal support from me was the most valuable part of the course!

“I have taken baby signing classes before and I learned so much more in Tiny Signs Online than I had previously. The videos that Lane used to demonstrate the signs were really helpful! It’s a “do at your own pace” kind of course, which is so helpful for a busy working mom like myself.”

– Rachel Niemiec

“I had so much fun learning from Lane! I loved it when she interacted with us through her videos. I enjoyed watching what she had to teach us and the flexibility of watching the videos at our pace was great!

Lane always made us think outside the box and what worked best for our baby! Since I’m a stay at home mom, her videos allowed me to watch at my own time and practice. She was always accessible by Facebook so whenever we needed her, she was there to answer any questions or concerns! The group is a great way to encourage one another and keep in touch!

I definitely recommend Tiny Signs Online! It’s such a wonderful bonding time with the baby and it’s so much fun watching them sign!”

– Kajal Patel

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